Denver Events Gems Fossil Show

This is one of the world’s premier mineral shows, set close to the heart of Denver, Colorado! This show is not as large as Tucson and a lot easier to get around.

There are two main venues for fine mineral specimens at this event:

1. The Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn – Central Denver) which runs for the whole week. Hotel rooms and marquees in the carparks are filled with a whole range of minerals and fossils, and everything in between.

Marquees in the car park outside the Ramada

The show is officially open Wednesday to Sunday, but a ‘jump start’ opening is allowed, with dealers open from the Sunday to Sunday. We normally take advantage of the ‘jump start’ and will be open before the Wednesday –  close to the show to find out our planned opening hours.

For 2012 Natural Gems & Mineral Co Inc. will exhibit in ONE room only:

ROOM 133 - RETAIL with top quality mineral specimens on display.

holiday Inn room
Holiday Inn retail room 133

We will not have a wholesale room at Denver this year – but please come and visit us at Tucson in 2013 where we will have a large selection of our wholesale material.

2. The Denver Gem and Mineral Society show held Friday to Sunday in the nearby Merchandise Mart. Three big halls are filled with exhibitors of minerals, fossils and gems.


Denver main show
Denver Gem and Mineral Main show

We share a room with Kristalle in the main hall of the Merchandise Market in AISLE J 30, 31, 32, and are able to offer one of the largest selections of fine minerals on display, with over 10 cases of minerals!

Our display room
Our display room

Room at the Merchandise Mart

The Denver show has an excellent special exhibit each year with displays from museums and collectors from around the world, and the theme for 2012 is ‘Copper and Copper minerals’. This show also makes a huge effort to encourage children and local collectors with great displays of self-collected minerals, and activities.

There are several satellite shows which run at the same time to these two shows, and together the venues provide a huge variety of wonderful specimens, with the advantage of being easier to manage than the bigger event at Tucson. Shuttle buses run frequently between the Ramada Plaza Hotel and the Merchandise Mart for easy transport.

Coliseum show
The Coliseum Show

For more information on the Denver show click on the following link:

Colorado Mineral and Fossil Show:

Denver Gem and Mineral Show:

Denver Gem and Mineral Show

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